V.N. Aluminum Co., Ltd. established in 1996 with determination of developing in and outdoor aluminum and glass work for construction industry to be suited for housing estate, commercial building, single house, townhome, condominium including high rise building of government, enterprise and state enterprise under the roof of Winmaster brand.

V.N. Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Since established V.N. Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been developing and elevate our aluminum work and other products to match European produced product. Considering of quality and functional design to be a solution to various need and to fit in any installing area including developing various products to catch up annual trend. This make us available to serve any newly customer need as to be well trusted by government and enterprise sector.

We build up satellite branch in Myanmar among other Asean countries which to be existed in the future as to be well served and supported for satisfactory in our product and service for each customer sector which relevant to our "Think Variety, Think Winmaster" slogan.


V.N. Aluminum determine to elevate our quality and technology of our door and window product to serve ultimate customer demand as to comply to our Q-SIR business ethic which consisted of

Q = Quality
S = Service
I = Innovation
R = Reliable


  1. Develop our technology and production process to reach up to relevant standard and customer demand
  2. Apply newly innovation to elevate core value and be solution for our customer in Thailand and Asian
  3. Develop our service mind and expertise to provide their services rapidly

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